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Ruby Development

Custom Ruby Development

inX develops all their sites and infrastructure management software using Ruby, and has gained a lot of valuable experience that will help companies new to Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Ruby has really made the development and deployment of the inX network of sites a breeze!

inX believes that Ruby will become a favourite with developers, especially since companies are looking for alternative languages to build and launch projects quickly.


Here is a highlight of our involvement with Ruby projects in the recent past.


We trained and lead the development of BuzzFuse, a social content sharing service.

eState Portal

We trained ATEC’s staff in Ruby programming and helped them get the project going. Several months later, the project is still going strong and ATEC has reaped the benefits of using Ruby on Rails.


Our active partnership with VICI Business Solutions has delivered a best of breed ISP platform for deployment on large residential networks, giving residents high quality shard internet access at a fraction of traditional costs.

ISP in a Box

Our flagship project is the ISP in a Box system. Used by hundreds of small businesses everyday to provide access services to their clients, ISP in a Box has stretched the limits of Ruby on Rails to the maximum. Boasting full server integration with almost 90% of inX’s server infrastructure, this is truly a testament to the power and flexibility of Ruby.

Website in a Box

Currently in private BETA, Website in a Box is a content management system for people with little to no technical knowledge of how the internet and websites work. More information coming early 2009.