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Web in a Box

inX ISP in a BOX Web Design

Web in a BOX is a breakthrough in site builder technology offers you everything you need to maintain and create a website.

Web in a BOX is a standalone web site builder preloaded with professional web site templates or pre defined designs. Simply use the admin interface and update and change your products, forms, news, image gallery, portfolio, link directory etc no technical or web development knowledge is needed.

Web in a Box will give you the freedom to customize all details of your web site where you in the pasted needed a web developer.

  • Easy and Effective.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • No software to download or install.
  • No need to wait for developers to update web site.
  • Reliability.
  • Offer a Website Creating Service to your clients.
  • With the most powerful site creating tool in the market.
  • First for South Africa.
  • Hosting on Ruby on Rails again First for South Africa.
  • Integrated search.

A few considerations . .

The attention span on the web is about 10 seconds. Any more than that and your customer are hitting the back button. That is why sleek and fast is the keywords here. Your customers must be able to get there, navigate effortlessly throughout the site, and clearly understand your message.
The design cost of a web site has always been the determining factor for businesses to invest in an Internet presence. Historically, you have had two choices for web design; Exploitative Web "Professionals" that charged by the hour Or ”Homemade" Web Design where you felt that you could have probably done the job better yourself.

Now you can have a professional, functional and reliable Internet presence that is affordable, with no compromise on quality.

Web in a bOX
We design your website template from scratch to fit your current company look. Including design of template and setup of admin panel.
R4500-00 Once Off
6 POP3 e-mails
R280-00 p/m

Monthly Hosting Options
Chosen options will be added together for monthly hosting.

Product catalogue Monthly Cost and Hosting
Product catalogue unlimited products R250-00
Product catalogue to 50 products R150-00
Static content pages Monthly Cost and Hosting
5 Present pages R40-00
Up to 20 pages maximum R80-00
Contact details and contact form builder Monthly Cost and Hosting
Unlimited forms R30-00
Single contact form R10-00

Image Gallery

Monthly Cost and Hosting
Galleries, 100 photos Maximum R50-00
Unlimited galleries, unlimited photos R200-00
Portfolio Monthly Cost and Hosting
25 entries maximum R40-00
Unlimited entries R70-00

Static Pages
Each website requires static content pages, including About Us pages and the homepage. Static content pages can easily be setup and customized using an online editor similar to Microsoft Word. The styles and formatting available in the editor are restricted to be compatible with the design of the website, thus preventing the editors from creating pages that don't look good. The homepage is configured separately to normal static pages, allowing the website owner to choose what information will be extracted from other areas of the website to be displayed. The homepage can also be configured with various editable œcontent zone's, restricting the editors to keep the most important page of the website looking its best.

Form Creator
The contact details page can be edited using the online administration area, and the contact form can be customized by the content editors to suite the requirements of the owner.

Image Gallery
The image gallery allows content editors to create separate galleries and upload images and descriptions to these galleries. Images uploaded to a gallery are automatically resized to create thumbnails and larger views, while creating links to the original files for high resolution downloads. If the portfolio component is present galleries can be associated with a portfolio entry.

Product Catalogue
An online product catalogue is crucial to building a competitive online presence in today's marketplace. Using the catalogue you can build your own hierarchal structure to store information. By default products include pictures, descriptions, and pricing information and product codes. The administrator of the website can add an infinite number of custom attributes to products in the catalogue, making it the most flexible product catalogue available. The hierarchy does not have any restrictions on the number of levels, although it will advise the administrators when the hierarchy runs the risk of turning visitors away.

Products in the catalogue can be flagged as being on promotion, helping visitors to identify products being promoted more aggressively by the owners of the site. Products can also be set to display on the homepage, either one at a time or a randomly picked product. The catalogue also includes a shopping cart that allows users to add products and then request more information, or place an order via e-mail. Users are asked to register to setup their account with the website, allowing them to more quickly place orders in future. The shopping cart does not include any facilities to process credit cards by default, although the facilities can be integrated if required by the client at an additional cost. The catalogue does include a single order form that can be customized according to the requirements of the content editors.


The portfolio component allows content editors to setup lists of past events or projects and client information for that specific event or project. This is a great way to showcase the capabilities of your business, its services and its products. Client quotations can be added to the portfolio entries, and highlighted on the website. If the image gallery component is present galleries can be associated with a portfolio entry.

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