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Become an ISP

Looking to become an independent Internet Services Provider in South Africa?

Look no further. No need to spend huge amounts of capital to start your own ISP Company.

ith inX ISP in a BOX you can start selling ISP services in less than 24 hours..

The growth potential is phenomenal; millions of South Africans still do not have internet access and need to come on-line today with the potential for millions of new connections.

inX designed the ISP in a BOX program individuals and IT professionals who want to generate a substantial recurring income by becoming an Internet Service Provider. Our ISP reselling program includes all facets of Internet services, which are branded under your company name.

4,780,000 people in South Africa are connected to the internet out of 48,051,581 creating the ideal opportunity for you to get into the ISP market, and create your own recurring income.

We supply all the tools you just need to sell and support your clients.