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WHY Spam Blocking?

A survey done by Nucleus Research, found that two out of every three email messages received by today's business users are spam.
As a result, users are spending 16 seconds identifying and deleting each spam email, which translates into an annual cost of $70 billion to all U.S. businesses, according to the Nucleus Research study. (No figures available for South Africa)

"Although most organizations have deployed some spam filtering technology, it clearly has not solved the spam problem - in fact, in some cases it's made it worse," said Rebecca Wetteman, vice president of research, in a statement. "Spam is no longer just a technology problem - it's a problem that we should be attacking with more than just technology."

The Nucleus study also found that at least 90 percent of email reaching corporate servers are spam and that the average user receives 21 spam messages to their inbox each day.

The main problem for email administrators is how to filter out the spam without blocking legitimate email, how to save bandwidth, and keep email queues flowing without spam-filter processes slowing the email queue. How can this be achieved cost-effectively?

InX was founded as result of demand from existing clients and resellers to provide a water tight SPAM and email security solution that will save you time and money.