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Solution Packages

Google security and compliance services

Google provides security and compliance services powered by Postini. The message security services protect you from spam and messaging threats. The compliance services enable you to enforce message policy and content management, archive messages with discovery services, as well as secure your web browsing and encrypt your sensitive email. These services help enable businesses, schools and non-profit organizations to make their existing messaging systems more secure, compliant, and productive.

  1. Google security and compliance services
  2. Google Message Filtering
  3. Google Message Security
  4. Google Message Archiving

Google Message Filtering

Google Message Filtering, powered by Postini, ensures inbound email is free from threats and spam, keeping the company and users safe and productive. It blocks spam, viruses, phishing, and other email threats. Staff regains time lost due to distracting spam and virus infections.

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Google Message Security

Google Message Security, powered by Postini, simplifies the complex task of managing email messages for policy compliance and data security. Email is protected from spam and viruses and content inspection provides insight into inbound and outbound email content to ensure policy compliance. Security and compliance violations can be easily identified and addressed by automatically enforcing content policies.

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Google Message Archiving

Google Message Discovery, powered by Postini, goes beyond the functionality of our security offering to give customers maximum control and flexibility over your electronic records archive, meeting discovery, and compliance objectives. In addition to the security provided by Google Message Security, Google Message Discovery provides archiving, discovery, and compliance functionality. Whether you must respond to a discovery situation or want to prepare in advance for an eventual request, Google Message Discovery can help you find and manage the right information quickly and painlessly.

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