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Resource Center

Here you’ll find a comprehensive resource for message statistics, whitepapers, webcasts, product demos, technology overviews, and more… everything you need to learn more about the most important industry issues and solutions for email, web security, and management from Postini.

  1. Data sheets
  2. Few Case Studies
    1. The Postini “No-Risk” Integrated Message Management Test Drive (Demo)

Data sheets

Google Message Filtering
Google Message Security
Google Message Discovery
Google Web Security for Enterprise
Google Message Encryption
Google Message Consolidation
Policy-Enforced TLS
Content Policy Management
Google Security and Compliance Support Programs and Services
Power Up Activation Services
Enhanced Technical Support


Few Case Studies

2nd Wind Exercise Equipment

2nd Wind Exercise Equipment gets in shape for legal discovery
80 Beans

80 Bean is a web development firm that uses Google App’s security to block spam for its clients
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Air Products and Chemicals discovered comprehensive administrative controls and complete spam and virus protection
BASF – The Chemical Company

BASF provides global security and protection with minimal effort
Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii, LLP

Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii says mahalo to Google App’s security for keeping data safe and secure
Mac Roberts

Mac Roberts reduces IT overhead and empowers end-users
City of Monroe

City of Monroe with limited IT resources uses Google Message Discovery to archive email and protect users from offensive spam
More Data Sheets available on request

The Postini “No-Risk” Integrated Message Management Test Drive (Demo)

There’s never been a better time to try Postini’s on-demand services for integrated message management. That’s because you can now try us for 30 days with no obligation. After a simple change to redirect your email or web traffic through Postini’s secure, global data centers you will be up and running in minutes. There’s no hardware or software to install, no complex configurations to wrestle with, and nothing to update or maintain. See for yourself why Postini has by far the highest levels of client satisfaction in the industry, more than 97%, and is the trusted partner for integrated message management for businesses worldwide.

You can try out one of Postini’s on-demand integrated message management solutions, or try them all. Current Postini clients are also welcome to try out additional solutions.

  • Hassle-free activation and configuration—with no obligation
  • Industry leading protection from the widest possible range of threats, including:

    • Spam
    • Viruses
    • Phishing
    • Directory harvest attacks
    • Denial of service attacks
    • Objectionable content
    • Content policy violations
  • Protect and manage email and the web
  • Archive messages for legal and regulatory compliance
  • Secure and encrypt messages to business partners, regulators, remote employees and customers

Join the more than 40,000 clients and 14 million end users currently being protected by the most trusted partner in the industry.

Fill out the demo request form to have a South African Postini sales specialist contact you immediately to begin your trial.