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  1. Solutions
    1. Always on, always current service
      1. Network effect
      2. Security, reliability, and scalability
      3. Centralized management and administration
      4. Operations and support
        1. Find out more about the components of the platform.
  2. Centralize administration with unified policy management
    1. Simplified Management
    2. Easy Management Access
    3. Directory Synchronization


Always on, always current service

The Google security and compliance platform, powered by Postini, hosts effective solutions to address your communications security and compliance needs. Our high performance technology, world-class operations and comprehensive support are shared across all hosted services and deliver a scalable, reliable solution.

Network effect

  • Traffic volume analytics provide real-time threat intelligence.
  • This “network effect” enables Google to instantly alert, update, and protect all client communications.

Security, reliability, and scalability

  • Annual SAS 70 Type II Audits of Postini-powered services assure independent validation of security and adherence best practices.
  • 14 security data centers ensure sufficient capacity to reduce or eliminate the impact of network congestion or connection limits.
  • Automated and immediate fail-over of the network enables 99.999% service level assurance.

Centralized management and administration

  • Unified web-based management for easy access and simplified administration of all security and compliance services.
  • Flexible policy enforcement with granular rules and directory synchronization.

Operations and support

  • World-class support through seven global data center locations.
  • 24×7×365 Network Operations Center.
  • Available professional services and comprehensive training programs.
Find out more about the components of the platform.

Centralize administration with unified policy management

Email and the web, your communications policies are your key to keeping your company secure and your employees productive. The Google security and compliance service, powered by Postini, implements and enforces your policies quickly and easily, across all communications channels. Google provides dynamic control over your policies, so you can adjust them as quickly as demanded by changes in the business or regulatory environment. It also offers highly granular control, so policies can be managed at all levels, from IT administrators to individual end-users.

Simplified Management

With unified policy management, you can organize and synchronize your existing directories, easily keeping your protection policies current. Google’s unified policy management propagates changes in real-time, so your configuration settings always meet your current needs.

Unified policy management means IT has maximum flexibility to manage policies, and enables end-users to manage their own personal settings and preferences — further reducing the administrative burden on IT.

Easy Management Access

Administrators use a web-based console to manage all Google services, across countries, business units, departments, and user groups. The Message Center gives business users self-service access to all Google security and compliance services from either web browsers or Microsoft Outlook. This makes it simple to configure any of Postini’s specific services:

  • Email and web security
  • Archiving and retrieval
  • Encryption

Directory Synchronization

Directory Sync allows you to manage changes to policy and user accounts more efficiently. Directory Sync connects securely to your internal directory server and automatically imports updates into the Google directory, automating a time-consuming and critical task. Once the new rights, settings, and policies are updated, Google automatically enforces your policies based on the new information.

You can easily configure Directory Sync settings and automate user provisioning through the Administration Console. You can also specify the frequency of updates and receive email reports of all changes.