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Email Archiving

  1. Comprehensive, On-Demand Archiving and Discovery
  2. With Google Message Discovery service you can:
    1. Manage archives
    2. Discover evidence
  3. New Age of Archiving and Discovery
  4. Business and IT Benefits Google Message Discovery provides benefits to various stakeholders within an organization.
  5. Make Google Part of your Rapid Response Plan for Discovery
    1. Message Discovery flow
      1. For example:
  6. Leave Storage Capacity Planning to the Experts
  7. Message Storage, Performance, and Management
  8. Message Access and Retrieval
  9. Message Search and Discovery
  10. Archive Monitoring and Reporting
  11. Full Customer Support
  12. Features of Google Message Security included in Google Message Discovery
  13. Security and Privacy
  14. Easy Integration
  15. Low Maintenance
  16. Predictable Cost, Simple Licensing

Comprehensive, On-Demand Archiving and Discovery

Google Message Discovery, powered by Postini, goes beyond the functionality of our security offering to give customers maximum control and flexibility over your electronic records archive, meeting discovery, and compliance objectives. In addition to the security provided by Google Message Security, powered by Postini, Google Message Discovery provides archiving, discovery, and compliance functionality. Whether you must respond to a discovery situation or want to prepare in advance for an eventual request, Google Message Discovery can help you find and manage the right information quickly and painlessly.

With Google Message Discovery service you can:

Manage archives

  • Centralize storage of message data into a single company archive to offload data from mail servers, enforce a standard retention policy, and provide an easily accessible repository for discovery efforts.

Discover evidence

  • Effectively manage multiple investigations, inquiries, and discoveries with enhanced search, save, and restore capabilities. Place records on hold, such as necessitated by litigation notice, which temporarily discontinues automatic message deletion. Best of all, it’s hosted by Google. So there’s no hardware or software to download, install or maintain. Google Message Discovery simplifies mailbox storage management, eases IT administration burdens, and lowers the total cost of ownership compared to software or appliance based solutions.

New Age of Archiving and Discovery

In today’s world, electronic communications are both increasingly critical and growing in volume. Businesses know that they need to archive this critical communications data but struggle with keeping this data from clogging primary communications systems. Google Message Discovery helps companies accomplish both objectives at once.

Business and IT Benefits
Google Message Discovery provides benefits to various stakeholders within an organization.

  • Saves time for legal, HR, compliance, and IT with rapid search and discovery tools that find and recover the right information as quickly as possible.
  • Relieves the IT department from the headaches and costs related to ongoing infrastructure management.
  • Saves money with rapid deployment and full integration with the Google platform.
  • Provides accountability by limiting and supervising access, and offering reporting and auditing tools for monitoring.
  • Affords peace of mind with full implementation support and ongoing customer care. An add-on service, Google Message Consolidation, powered by Postini, helps you consolidate legacy data into the company’s ongoing archive.

Make Google Part of your Rapid Response Plan for Discovery

Customers use Google Message Discovery for a wide variety of investigation needs. With its intuitive and easy-to-use web interface, non-IT users such as HR, legal, and compliance staff no longer need to rely on IT personnel to conduct inquiries.

Message Discovery flow

Comprehensive message capture: Customers have two options for sending messages to the Google Message Discovery archive: a) Messages can be archived as part of the overall processing Google performs during our real-time threat analysis or b) Alternatively, messages can be routed to Google via the common envelope journaling capability on your email server. Customers can also import historical information through an optional service, Message Consolidation.

Always On, Always Current Message Security: Routing messages through Google’s market-leading Message Security functionality provides customers with real-time threat protection, innovative virus detection, content-based filtering and policy-enforced TLS encryption.

Robust archive capabilities for full control and maximum flexibility: Messages and their attachments are indexed and stored in a centralized repository. Flexible policy management enables customers to set variable retention policies at the user or group level, by organization or geography and to easily conform to legal and regulatory requirements and corporate policies.

Advanced search and discovery, extraction and reporting tools: Password-based access provides authorized individuals with advanced tools to quickly and easily search and discover, share or extract relevant data to suit different business purposes.

Extensive Reporting: Usage and audit reporting provide the information necessary to customers to manage storage and retention as well as monitor all activities that occur within the company archive for compliance.

Varying levels of access provide authorized individuals with the search tools they need to do their work. The standard search functionality enables employees to easily search the body of messages to which they have access. Employees can search using industry-standard fields such as From/To, keywords, date ranges, and also wildcard options in both the body of the message as well as attachments. Additionally, customers can use Boolean search queries to conduct proximity and more specialised searches. Finally, investigators can create investigations composed of multiple searches and save search criteria for continual use or further refinement.

For example:

An IT administrator searches the company archive to help an end-user recover a mistakenly-deleted message.
An end-user searches his Personal Archive either through the Message Center or through the toolbar for Outlook to find emails that may no longer be available on his local mailbox due to rigorous enforcement of inbox quotas.
An HR representative uses the advanced investigative tools to conduct an inquiry into a possible claim. Once she finds the results she needs, she can transfer ownership of them to her boss who can then decide what action needs to be taken.
An in-house lawyer responsible for litigation uses the same advanced investigative tools as the HR representative, but once she finds the relevant results, immediately places them on litigation hold. Doing so overrides the standard retention policy with either a new date or no expiration. Once the hold date expires, data will be identified for purging if the retention period has expired. The lawyer then exports the results set in PST format to share with outside counsel and litigation experts. All the actions performed above in the company archive are logged and captured through audit reporting.

Easy, intuitive, parameter-based search and discovery capabilities enable investigators to perform inquiries across the centralized company archive and supports other advanced functionality such as saving results, placing records on litigation hold and sharing relevant information with outside parties.

Leave Storage Capacity Planning to the Experts

With the Google Message Discovery service, leave your storage capacity planning to Google. You can add or remove users and change archive policies through web-based administrative access without worrying whether you have enough disk to support their needs. Google makes it easy to keep up with the ever-changing landscape and company growth without committing to a costly infrastructure. Best of all, there are no storage limits to how much data you can store in your archive.

h2. Service Details Regulator

  • Message capture and compliance: Google Message Discovery service captures message data at the gateway so that you never have to worry about managing message synchronization, losing information, or searching multiple data repositories.
  • Centralized repository: Captures and indexes all inbound and outbound messages and attachments in a centralized repository.
  • Capture via mail flow: Messages can be archived as part of the overall processing Google performs during our real-time threat analysis.
  • Capture via envelope journaling: Alternatively, messages can be routed to Google via the common journaling capability on your email server.
  • Consolidate historical information: Use Google Message Consolidation service to import historical data from multiple sources (optional service, additional fees apply).
  • Full indexing: When a message is archived, Google indexes the message header, content, and attachments, and assigns a retention policy to the message.
  • Flexible policy configuration: Flexible access permissions can be set at the user or group level, by organization or geography.
  • Company-wide policy enforcement: Retention periods may be set to conform to legal and regulatory requirements and corporate policies.
  • Multiple retention options: Long-term storage (1-10 years) with ability to extend retention periods and support variable retention needs across the organization.

Message Storage, Performance, and Management

  • Offload data: Offload message data from primary mail servers to Google and improve performance while reducing server storage requirements.
  • Tamper proof, safe storage: RAID-protected, redundant and secure disk storage located in two geographically-distinct locations.
  • Auditable storage: All activities within the company archive, including, access, search, and export are logged and can be pulled by customers for comprehensive audit reporting and monitoring.
  • High security and integrity: Secure data through our state-of-the-art architecture that indexes message data and then writes it into two separate locations for long-term storage. We regularly submit our products to SAS 70 Type II and WebTrust for evaluation of rigorous adherence to strict and stringent protocols.
  • Retention-based storage: No more storage caps or limits to manage or worry about!
  • Storage tools: Storage tools for greater control over data management.

Message Access and Retrieval

  • Password protection: Password-protected access for varying levels of authorization and roles. 
  • Easy administration: Activate archiving and grant access rights from web-based administration console.
  • Simple extraction: Export messages into MBOX or PST format with the click or a mouse. Or, for large and complex data extracts, work with Professional Services to meet your needs.

Message Search and Discovery

  • Parameter-based search: Easy and intuitive search of messages and attachments using parameters such as date range, sender, recipient, subject and content.
  • Unified identity: Consolidates multiple addresses (email, instant messaging, aliases) to single individuals for unified search views.
  • Administrative recovery: Easily recover individual messages to end-user’s mailbox by authorized administrator(s).
  • Personal archive: End-user access to individual archive for self-service search and restore.
  • Investigative search and discovery: Advanced tools to save, refine, and export evidence for multiple investigations.
  • Litigation hold: Litigation hold feature to preserve evidence and maintain retention schedules.

Archive Monitoring and Reporting

  • Usage reporting: Tracks archive usage and provides reports that specify archive size, age of messages, pending deletion, and other configurable analytics.
  • Audit reporting: All activities, including, access, search, and export are logged and can be pulled by customers for comprehensive audit reporting and monitoring.

Full Customer Support

  • Rapid time to value: Activation of archiving and discovery takes hours and days, not weeks or months.
  • Training and ongoing best practices: Instructor-led sessions, online support and a community portal are just some of the resources available to customers to help them get the most out of the service.
  • Full customer support: Google’s team of dedicated customer support professionals can help answer questions via email, chat, or phone.

Features of Google Message Security included in Google Message Discovery

Comprehensive email threat prevention to stop spam, viruses, phishing, DoS, directory harvest attacks (DHA), and other email attacks.

  • Real-time threat protection: Global visibility to emerging threats with a patented, pass-through architecture ensures that there are no delays or disruptions to email service, regardless of how high spam volumes climb.
  • Innovative virus detection: Zero-hour anti-virus protection including heuristic and signature based detection.
  • Content-based filtering: Content policy management to filter and take action on messages and their attachments by key words, content patterns size and other parameters. Pre-defined filters for payment cards and social security numbers.
  • Encryption: Support for policy-enforced encrypted email transmission based on the TLS protocol standard.

Security and Privacy

Companies that trust their business communications to Google can be assured that the privacy and integrity of these messages are secure, thanks to Google’s multi-layered security strategy. Combining information security policies and best practices with a patented, state-of-the-art processing technology, Google’s approach give companies the peace of mind that their sensitive intellectual property is in secure, professional hands. For more information, please see The Security Backgrounder.

Easy Integration

Google Message Discovery provides you with a single platform to help meet your communications security and compliance needs. With Google, businesses can focus on their front end business while relying on Google to make sure that their critical business communications are secure, compliant, and productive.

Low Maintenance

Offered as a hosted service, Google Message Discovery includes everything you need to get started with an online digital archiving and discovery strategy. No need to worry about hardware, software, upgrades, maintenance, high availability and scalability – Google’s all-inclusive approach takes care of it for you.

Predictable Cost, Simple Licensing

What could be easier than a simple, all-inclusive per-user fee? No more complicated math to put together hardware, storage, redundancy and labor costs! It’s easy to budget and plan for archiving and discovery costs now with Google Message Discovery.




Unified search and retrieval across single company archive

Ensure investigations are thorough and fast

Comprehensive gateway capture

Never lose a message nor worry about managing multiple archival repositories 

Simple interface

Intuitive web-based interface requires minimal end-user training 

Litigation hold

Easily preserve evidence and maintain retention schedule 

Tamper-proof, RAID-protected, redundant and secure disk storage

Free yourself from the headaches of planning and managing infrastructure needs

Personal archive

Individual access to search and restore from Personal Archive 

Multiple options for working with search results, including self-service export and ability to transfer ownership

Maximum flexibility to respond to wide variety of investigative needs 

Flexible administrative controls for setting policy and managing archived data

Easily set policies and retain/ purge to meet fast-evolving and changing needs 

Message Discovery Toolbar for Outlook

Enables search of Personal 

Archive from familiar Microsoft 

Outlook environment 

Audit reporting

Capture and monitor all performance  activities performed within archive 

Storage and audit reporting

Monitor system performance and employee accountability to policies 


Data security and integrity

Tamper-proof data centers  support company compliance to external regulations 

Full integration into the platform, including Google Message Security

No additional costs, rapid