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Email Compliance

inX in conjunction Google compliance

Our comprehensive compliance solutions can help you meet your compliance challenges, efficiently and affordably. Google message archiving, message encryption, and content policy features are delivered from a single platform that integrates seamlessly with your current messaging systems, which reduce the cost and complexity of meeting regional and industry regulatory requirements.


Message archiving, powered by Postini, is a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, on-demand service that helps improve your organization's mail server performance and quickly implement data retention strategies for compliance and rapid e-discovery.Learn more.


Google Message Encryption service, powered by Postini, enables organizations to securely exchange sensitive information with external users. The automatic, policy-based encryption is easy to implement and provides a cost-effective alternative to legacy, on-premise email encryption infrastructures.Learn more.

Content policy

Google security and compliance services, powered by Postini, provide deep inspection for both inbound and outbound communications. You can automatically apply security and compliance policies such as block, redirect, quarantine, or encrypt to sensitive or regulated content based on granular content-based rules. Detailed rule-based reporting also gives administrators full insight into policy effectiveness.


If we store your email your will automatically be compliant as below.

Freedom of Information Act | MiFID | SOX | Basel 11 | HIPAA | FRCP | PCI

Full Service in secure facility

  • Government level access control "Man Trap" access
    • Biometric fingerprint readers 24x7x365 interior/exterior video surveillance
  • Physical Construction
  • Inner walls have floor-toceiling quarter inch steel plating
  • Network Security
    • Processing centre has no internet access or access to the corporate network
  • Safe Harbor
    • Certified Safe Harbor allowing data transfer from EU members