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Email Security Products

inX in conjunction Google email security, powered by Postini, helps keep your email free from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email threats. Google email security is a hosted solution that blocks spam and other threats well before any SPAM or VIRUSES reach your enterprise.

Unlike legacy products, it requires no hardware or software to install and maintain, thus greatly reducing your IT resource requirements and costs.

Complete spam and virus protection

  • Comprehensive message security to stop spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service (DoS), directory harvest attacks (DHA), and other email attacks.
  • Zero-hour anti-virus protection with multi-layered protection, including heuristic and signature-based detection.
  • Real-time processing with scale and reliability
  • Patented real-time, pass-through architecture ensures that there are no delays, message loss or disruptions to email service.
  • 99.999% availability for message processing.
  • Policy enforced domain to domain messaging encryption..
  • SAS 70 Type II certified and WebTrust seal validates Postini’s stringent standards for physical and operational security.
  • Manage communication policies for message attachments and content.

Comprehensive, On-Demand email archiving and discovery

Google Message Discovery, powered by Postini, goes beyond the functionality of our security offering to give customers maximum control and flexibility over your electronic records archive, meeting discovery, and compliance objectives. In addition to the security provided by Google Message Security, powered by Postini, Google Message
Discovery provides archiving, discovery, and compliance functionality. Whether you must respond to a discovery situation or want to prepare in advance for an eventual request, Google Message Discovery can help you find and manage the right information quickly and painlessly.

With Google Message Discovery service you can:

  • Manage email archives
  • Discover evidence
  • Email Message access and retrieval
  • Parameter-based search
  • Audit reporting