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Why inX Email Branding

Its all in the Details

inX has taken all the aspects of traditional analog communications and merged them with the new fangled electronic variety to form a perfect equilibrium of form and function. With additional features such as link tracking and departmental advertising, you are able to see exactly which services advertised within your messages are getting the most attention, allowing you to deliver a more personalized relationship with client.


Now that we’ve sorted out your e-mail letterhead, you have the wonderful option of inserting additional advertising or product pushes, and targeted marketing messages, within the footers of your e-mails.

This serves as both an advertising advantage which gives rise to demonstrating certain areas of interest to your clients, and as a gauge to what they might be more interested in. You will be able to see which advert a specific client clicked, allowing you to focus your marketing to that client if they are interested. It’s simply giving the client what they want. You can also see an overview on which adverts are receiving the most interest, allowing you to strengthen those areas in your outside marketing.

  • World Class services
  • Turn normal emails into advertising messages
  • Enforce corporate identity
  • Patented and proven
  • Cost efficient and measurable
  • Scalable to suit any size business
  • Compatible with any email programs
  • Hassle free implementation
  • Global market leader