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Features and Benefits

  1. Branded Outgoing Emails
  2. Unified Signature Block
  3. Embedded Targeted Marketing Messages
  4. Compliance
  5. Management Console

Branded Outgoing Emails

  • Affix your corporate logo within pre-designed templates
  • Incorporate your brand/identity to all outgoing emails
  • Create a clear and consistent message throughout your organisation

Unified Signature Block

  • Standardise and unify external presentation
  • Ensure that all emails include the relevant contact info
  • Direct the recipients to your corporate website and/or other http pages

Embedded Targeted Marketing Messages

  • Keep clients informed of current or future promotions with banners and links
  • Direct recipients to relevant news or other content of interest on your website such as live RSS feeds
  • Include CRM campaigns


  • Append relevant company information (registration number, legal company name)
  • Provide links to relevant corporate policies (terms & conditions, privacy policies, email usage policies)

Management Console

  • Change your marketing messages to reflect current promotions and company news.
  • Assign users to specific user groups within your company
  • Assign different messages/campaigns to different user groups
  • Embed Live RSS feeds
  • Monitor clicks from specific locations with the new geographic locator
  • Obtain detailed analysis of email campaigns with statistics and customised report