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Email Branding Now!

Companies invest in their brand image by advertising via multiple marketing channels. They use their image, their logo and slogan to creatively showcase themselves so that they can initiate a response from potential stakeholders. Whether you market your brand on a t-shirt or on TV, you are effectively investing in your brand for the long term. Investing in something as simple and cost effective as Email branding brings about an opportunity to leverage a unique intermediate that has been overlooked by many businesses in our digitally driven world.

  1. Studies
  2. What email branding is not!
    1. So what is Email Branding?
  3. General guidelines you need to know about


Recent studies have shown that companies spend enormous amounts of money on marketing campaigns negating the fact that more than 83% of corporate communications is done via Email.

Many companies aren’t educated on email branding and it had has evoked differing viewpoints and to clarify we need to look at what it is and what it isn’t.

Email branding has emerged as the new “fad”. However, the core understanding of email branding has evoked differing viewpoints.To clarify we need to delve into what it is and what it is not.

What email branding is not!

  • It is not unsolicited bulk mailing or mass mailing
  • It is not seen as spam
  • It is not heavy in html
  • It does not create latency

So what is Email Branding?

  • Email Branding takes your blank email and gives it a professional makeover. The recipient will receive a professional email branded with your corporate logo, image, and carry your company’s look & feel.
  • CF Email branding uses the latest technology to embed corporate logos, banners and images in your everyday outgoing email.
  • Email Branding is as much a marketing medium as it is a communications medium.
  • CF email branding can use various web clients and email clients including: MS Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Evolution, Mac Mail, Thundermail, MS Exchange, EXIM, yahoo and many more.
  • It is an online solution which means you can log on to the internet anywhere in the world and optimize your email branding campaigns.
  • CF Email branding is a self managed system with 24hour support.

General guidelines you need to know about

Provide quality traffic to your website by following some simple monitoring guidelines that will put you in control of your branding solution:

  • Make sure your email branding is consistent with your corporate look and feel.
  • Continuously ask clients, suppliers, co-workers and your MSP about your email branding and update your template when necessary.
  • Include current marketing campaigns in your email branding so that you can create another point of interaction with the intended target market.
  • View your email branding performance on the web console, measure it and optimize your email campaigns and branding accordingly.
  • Ask ClearFormat to assist with extra training regarding the web console so that you get the best out of your new branding platform!

It is important to know exactly what email branding is and what it can do for your company. Your company is probably spending enormous amounts of money using untrackable marketing mediums where they could be spending that money on a medium that tracks exactly who clicks on your campaigns. Understanding Email Branding is the first hurdle, after that the benefits of the solution will persuade even the seasonal marketer.