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VPS Hosting

inX is the perfect solution. Maintaining a server is simple to do for a Linux user and programmer like yourself, and ISP in a BOX will allow you to do so at an affordable rate.

  1. Insulation
  2. Performance
  3. Security
  4. Control
  5. Why the Xen environment?
    1. Fastest Live Re-location
    2. Run Applications on Any Server


Each virtual private hosting server (VPS) is completely partitioned from one another. A crash or lock up on one VPS has no impact on other virtual servers.


Each VPS receives a specified allocation of CPU, memory, and disk. The environment allows for bursting within reasonable limits, but does not permit one VPS from dominating the physical server’s resources. The result is that each VPS receives a guaranteed level of service


Each VPS behaves exactly like a dedicated server, allowing the full security scheme to be utilized with absolutely no commingling of data among virtual servers


Each VPS can be administered with total control of all settings using SSH Access via the command line.

Powered by the Xen Virtual Server engine and Gentoo, all our servers are closely monitored to ensure and restrict fair resource usage.

The Xen Virtual Server environment system is one of the most robust, flexible, reliable and technologically advanced systems on the market today.

We do not only offer you the expected site hosting benefits such as high bandwidth and powerful servers, but also offer you complete control over your domains whenever and wherever you want it.

Our Linux web hosting options are specifically optimised for security, stability and speed.

Why the Xen environment?

Xen is a hypervisor virtual machine that runs multiple open-source operating systems.

Fastest Live Re-location

Xen’s live relocation capability, combined with its extraordinary performance, have led analysts to pronounce it the first virtualization technology that is capable of being deployed in the heart of the data-centre, bringing the benefits of server consolidation and increased utilisation to the vast majority of servers in the enterprise.

Run Applications on Any Server

Virtualization Increases Server Utilization
The ability to easily move multiple virtual servers onto a single physical machine and then migrate those virtual servers whenever additional resources are needed to allows for a radical reduction in the total number of servers needed.