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Dedicated Hosting

  1. We have one major stipulation on server hosting:
  2. Rack Hosting
  3. Bandwidth
  4. Traffic Utilisation

If you would like to manage and maintain your own dedicated server, we have some great packages that will give you the freedom to do so. Dedicated servers allow more flexibility in software and site management.

This is an ideal step up from regular hosting, if you want no outside users on your server for performance reasons and safety reasons. With a dedicated server, you know exactly what is on your server and the level of its operation

Besides the security and network uptime provided by inX’s state-of-the-art data centre, our managed and dedicated server solutions allow you to retain as much or as little control as you need over the administration, maintenance and management of your company’s server.

We have one major stipulation on server hosting:

The server has to be rack-mountable.

Rack Hosting

Can be provided on request


  • Bandwidth as per traffic matrix above will apply for half and full racks and per server.
  • Our Bandwidth is Uncapped with no restrictions and we only charge one way on the data transfer not both ways. (Highest of two).

Traffic Utilisation

Each hosting solution offered by ISP in a BOX Hosting includes a monthly traffic threshold, the charge for which is included with the solution?s total cost. Traffic volumes below the threshold accrue a fixed per-Megabyte charge. Once the threshold is exceeded, each Megabyte served is charged at the stipulated rate. IS uses a traffic measurement system that reports bandwidth utilisation and presents statistics and graphs on the Internet via the IS Customer Zone. Charging thresholds and excess traffic charges are available on request.