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About Us

internet eXchange (inX)

The Power of Integrated ISP and Message Management Services, founded by Andries Strauss in 2001.
inX is the South African leader in the provision of managed ISP solutions. inX create solutions that meet our customers' needs.
We are focused on assisting our customer's achieve their business goals using technology that is best suited to them.

After doing a case study, it was found that the market was flooded with several small ISP's and a couple of larger corporate orientated ISP's charging ridiculous prices for Internet solutions.

It was decided to start a wholesale ISP that would offer competitive connectivity solutions and services, stable Internet connectivity and excellent services to all our resellers.

Our product range consists of only premium quality solutions from vendors who are market leaders in their field.
These solutions give added value through delivery and support by our expert technical team.

Why inX? The preferred choice!

inX strives to provide total integrated cost saving solutions to our clients. Backed by premium quality solutions from vendors such as Google, Internet Solutions and SAIX.
We provide demanding and prompt service to our existing as well as potential clients, with the understanding of building a long-term relationship.

About the Company

Company: internet eXchange cc.
Office: inX House c/o Begin and Buiten Street Krugersdorp Gauteng.
Year Founded: July 2001
Financial Status: Privately owned and funded.


Branded ISP and Security Email Managed Messaging services, serving clients through integrated message management; integrated email, IM and Web security and management, message archiving and encryption, policy compliance and risk management, all with 99.999% uptime, global availability and 24x7 support.
Delivering a sophisticated range of new-generation business solutions, we have partnered with the best global pioneers such as Google Postini and Internet Solutions.


We strive to provide total integrated solutions to all our clients. Anytime - Anywhere - Always-on these are the keys to the success of your business, by leading with next-generation services and a world-class infrastructure.
We WILL provide on-demand services that guard, administer and improve service, with the understanding of reducing risk and increasing productivity across key sectors through cost saving to our customers.

ISPA - Internet Service Provider Association


  • VISP Services
  • Data Center Server Hosting
  • Hosted DNS Servers
  • Email, IM and Web threat protection, and policy enforcement
  • Electronic message archiving
  • Message encryption (automatic or on-demand)
  • Web content filtering and policy enforcement
  • Real-time threat detection for ISPs and network device manufacturers
  • Message Continuity

    Only inX offers:
  • Email Security with 99.999% uptime World Wide
  • ISP services branded under your own company name
  • Integrated Message Management
  • Unified service integration
  • Proven Software as a Service model
  • Comprehensive suite of services
  • Global visibility and supervision across services

Clients Reach

More than 350 ISP resellers enterprise organizations, small/medium businesses, and ISPs, across a wide range of industries. inX has developed a very satisfied client base, with more than 97% clients satisfaction and nearly 100 percent of clients renewing their Postini subscriptions each year.