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What is ISP in a Box?

We provide all Internet products and services, billing reports and debit orders, infrastructure and backbone equipment branded in your company name.

inX ISP in a BOX will empower you to become an in depended ISP in South Africa

The ISP in a BOX program was designed for individuals and all computer retails who want to generate a substantial recurring income.

Why would I want to be an ISP with ISP in a BOX

  • To become your clients ONE STOP SHOP.
  • To create passive income.
  • No need to spending huge amounts of capital on infrastructure, staff, monitoring or email servers, or any power and data centre maintenance contracts, fire walls and hardware.

Internet products and services are based on a monthly subscription. You generate an income based on the total number of clients you have.

Stay in control of your clients and their services for the duration of your contract with ISP in a BOX.

  • You sell all products at your OWN prices.
  • You market and sell your OWN ISP products, (we work behind the scenes and make you look like the winner).
  • You become the one stop shop for your clients.
  • You run your own support.
  • You invoice your own clients.
  • You can sign up your own agents (agents will sell ISP products under their own name.)
  • You can sign up your own representatives (representatives sell ISP products under your name at your prices, and you pay the representative a monthly commission).
  • Through ISP in a BOX we provide you with all the tools (own control panel) to manage your client’s services.
  • All internet services will be branded under your company name.

ISP in a BOX does not work on a commission structure like all other ISP resellers. The recurring profit that you make is yours. You stay in control.