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Management Systems

inX's ISP in a BOX online Management System

Our ISP in a BOX online Management System gives you the capability to easily manage your end-user's accounts, using an undemanding web interface.

ISP in a BOX integrates with our email, web, DNS and connectivity servers; we provide a single point of administration for all of your client?s services the following administrative tasks can be performed, making you the clients ISP:

  • You can move your client's to a different ISP at any time.
  • You can suspend clients if they do not pay, you can at any time change passwords, or add new services.
  • You can at any time upgrade, downgrade, do top us.
  • Products are branded under your company name.
  • You deal with your client, not us.
  • You become the one stop shop for your client.
  • Your own Domain Name.
  • Your own Domain E-Mails.
  • Your own Data Base to manage your clients.
  • Web Design at VERY LOW Prices.
  • Bulk SMS in a BOX.
  • Total cost of Ownership.
  • Free Fax to emails.
  • Online, off Site Backup.
  • Internet Access products.
  • Mobile Internet.
  • World class Anti-Virus program.
  • Server hosting facility.