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Hosting and Email

Hosting and Email Services

We supply all available connectivity in South Africa. You will receive your own control panel (NOT Cpanel or Plesk) where you can manage your clients connections.

You will be able to:

  • Create Domains.
  • Create Hosting.
  • Upgrade and Downgrade.
  • Point Domains and MX Records.
  • Change passwords.
  • Suspend clients.
  • Delete client.
  • Add More services.

You will be able to supply normal Linux Hosting and Ruby on Rails hosting first for South Africa Fast and reliable web hosting solution is critical for your ISP business.

Our Servers are hosted in our own lane of cabinets at Internet Solutions. Our Linux web hosting environments are specifically optimised for security, stability and speed. Fully Daily Backups, Anti-Spam/Virus Email Filters.

Our infrastructure is running on a Xen environment.

Software innovation has been used to create a virtual server that performs as if it were a full server dedicated to the exclusive use of each account. The industry term for this concept is called Virtualization. The behind the scenes sophistication of virtualization results in a superior hosting solution that is simple to use while eliminating the disadvantages of the Shared approach.

A few of the key advantages of the Virtual Private Server hosting environment are listed below:

  • Insulation.
  • Performance.
  • Security.
  • Control .

Why the Xen environment?

Xen is a hypervisor virtual machine that runs multiple open-source operating systems.

  • Fastest Live Re-location.
  • Run Applications on Any Server.
  • Virtualization Increases Server Utilization.

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